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You may wonder why there is such a diversity of subject matter on sharin’ His love. We are interested in understanding where Jesus lived, the pathways He walked, the message He taught. As we seek to know our Lord in a more personal way, any information about Him and His life is exciting.

Traveling to Israel, the homeland of Jesus, has always been a dream of mine.  We share pictures and information about Israel for our own enjoyment and inspiration and hope it interests our readers, too.

Since messages of encouragement and inspiration are so helpful to us, we like sharing them with you.

Studying Prophecy has also been an interest of mine since I was a teenager.  Many hundreds of prophecies in the Bible have already occurred. As we compare the prophecies in the Bible with daily news, we will see the importance of an ongoing study of what the prophets said so many years ago.

We hope you will enjoy sharin’ His love and be involved in our discussions.


Sharon & Erick

#72 Pain – ‘Suffering Through Depression’


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Pain is a measurable thing and there a million* different ways to measure it. The method I use is called the ‘BryFry Scale’. It based on a real person, called Bryan Fry, who has purposely got him self stung and bitten by pretty much every animal on the planet. On the Mindfump Scale of worst jobs that ranks his job 3rd, behind an apprentice Sumo wrestler, who’s job it is to wipe the backside of the senior members, and a pet food taster – someone has to do it*.

Now, given that the attention span of the modern human is less than 12 seconds and human curiosity has over taken a cats curiosity, I will tell you. It is the Box jellyfish. On the BryFry Scale, the Box Jellyfish is the most painful animal in the world.

OK, thats that out…

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I ntegrity


Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Artist


Joy was a snowflake

Caught in my hand.


I held it too close

And it melted.

Joy was a daisy

I picked in the morn.

Tucked in my pocket,

Its petals were lost.

Joy was a smile

You placed in my heart.

I shared it with a friend.

Its warmth glows on!

By Martha L Shaw – © 2017

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Second to None – Poetry of Innocence

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Innocence reigns, in the eyes of a child

They watch, bewildered, awed and beguiled

Asking about, the man with the hat

Wondering why, he is dressed quite like that

Why the sky is blue, and the grass is green

And every other color, left in between

Catching the sun, as it lights up their face

Taking it in, with seraphic grace

Oh how I wish I could see what they see

Shine on, dear child, who never was me

Live out your life, explore your dreams

Capture the beauty, of every moonbeam

Race to the morning, rise with the sun

Always remember, you’re second to none


©Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

Letting Go

Very insightful and heart rendering for me. I too, know these feelings. I connect with you.

A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of the Brave

It’s hard to let someone go when we don’t know why they’re gone. It’s natural to want an explanation, an understanding, something that puts their leaving into perspective. It’s hard to move on when there is nothing but silence, or worse, a strangely formal way of relating, as though you made the whole thing up. But we can’t put our lives on hold, waiting for an answer that may never come. Maybe they will tell us one day, or maybe they will never understand it themselves. Their reason isn’t that important. What is important is that we don’t abandon ourselves in the heart of loss. That we don’t make another’s presence more important than our own. That we don’t lock ourselves in a prison of our own making, waiting for an external liberator to set us free. If they have left, we have to leave, too. We have to let…

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Martha L Shaw - Poet, Writer, Artist

He’s Got This


The rain continues to pour

As darkness claims the sky


I looked up

And saw through a crack in a cloud

That the sun is still near.

Hope rises.

By Martha L Shaw – © 2014


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